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Creative Direction & Styling for Nux Apparel


NUX - Fall 2016 Lookbook 3
NUX - Fall 2016 Lookbook 5
NUX - Fall 2016 Lookbook 6
NUX - Fall 2016 Lookbook 4

Another awesome shoot as creative director and stylist for Nux Apparel. Could not have asked for a better team of people and an amazing client who literally let me run with it as far as models, locations, set ups, props, crew, video team, and vision. Dream shoot all the way around. Hope you enjoy the BTS video – I always find those to be the most fun!

Behind the scenes video of the Nux Athletic Apparel shoot for the Fall 2016 Lookbook.

Creative Director & Stylist: Cindy Whitehead
Photographer: Ian Logan
Video & Editing:  Colin Clark
Make-Up: Gillian Whitlock
Hair:  Krista Baxter
Models: Kym /Nous   &   Dounia / Next Model Management


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Sports Stylist Cindy Whitehead Inducted Into Skateboard Hall of Fame

Cindy in 1980 at Marina Del Rey Skatepark
Local coverage about Cindy’s Induction to Skateboarding hall of Fame

Photo of Cindy by Israel Santana                              Photo via video from Joan Jett



Some of my days are about styling, and some involve skateboarding. I’m proud to announce that on May 13, 2016 I was inducted into the  Skateboarding Hall of Fame. The awards ceremony  was held  at the City National Grove in Anaheim, California, and I was extremely honored to have legendary rocker Joan Jett  agree to do my introduction, which encompassed her views and mine, on female empowerment.



OG Pro skateboarder David Hackett and Nor Cal skater and well known photographer Bryce Kanights, also gave intro’s on my past & present skate history.

My acceptance  speech included a message for future generations of girls out there.


Huge thanks to Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna, Blackheart Records, and Greg Oliver for Joan’s awesome video introduction. You are all amazing!  A big shout out to powerhouse Lisa Jenkins who believed in the GN4LW message and helped make this all happen.  Bryce Kanights for the heartfelt words and discussing Cindy’s skate history, David Hackett for his re-cap of Cindy’s past and present, Skateboarding Hall of Fame and IASC for the honor, and much love to all of our friends and family who have been supporting since day one.  xx


Cindy’s final message for girls out there:


“So tonight I’d like to congratulate every little girl out there that defies her parents, stands up to her brother, the kids at school, or authority, and goes out there and goes after what she wants, not hearing the word NO, and fighting for what she loves. You can totally do this. We OG girls have your back”.

“It’s definitely time to smash the hell out of some glass ceilings, kick some ass, not care what anyone else thinks, and show the world just what girls can do – and I encourage all of you girls to go out there, have a blast, set the world on fire, and do some epic shit.”


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How One Piece Of Furniture Led To This Living Room Makeover




Photography Ian Logan


It always starts with one piece of furniture that you scored on sale… Next thing you know you are totally revamping your entire living room to make the new piece fit perfectly, and look good with everything else. I blame this one on H.D. Buttercup’s Warehouse sale. I had almost gotten out of there free & clear, when my husband spotted a comfy living room chair we just “had to have”, luckily it had a “sold” sticker on it so we dogged that bullet. But right after, I spotted a small couch/love seat for an unbelievable low price, and I knew it had to come home with us. I fully believed it would fit in the spot of an antique chair we were planning on getting rid of, but I was a bit off on that – to say the least.

The good thing was, it forced us to really re-think how we viewed our living room. We had been working with the same configuration of furniture for many years, and it was getting a bit boring, to say the least. The new look gives us more space (important in a small beach house0, made the living room look a LOT larger and feels brighter and airier. The only downside was, that the rug and the coffee table we had, were way to small.

After searching at all the usual places (CB2, Crate & Barrel, Potter Barn, Restoration Hardware, etc etc) we finally found and ordered, a beautiful and colorful  Ashik Wool Rug online from West Elm, that just happened to go on sale that very night (Score!) .  We don’t usually go for multi color – so this was a bit of a gamble. The rug arrived in just two days – can you believe that?  And once we got it in place it literally transformed our living room into a whole other look – which we both loved.

The coffee table was a hard one as I knew I wanted it to be wood, 2 levels, square or rectangle,  and on wheels. I looked into having one made, but then came across this one at Cost Plus World Market of all places. It fit perfectly and had the look I was going for.

After we moved our vintage bar away from the windows and closer to the actua living space it really started feeling like things were tying in nicely. The silver poof was something I had purchased during the time Calypso did their collab collection with Target many years ago and it had just been taking up space along with the bar, near the windows,. Neither were ever used, as they never felt like they were part of the old living room. In fact that was one of the best parts of this project – using pieces I had and loved, but that were getting lost or forgotten in the old space.

We also spent time changing some of the art in the house  to keep the living room beachy and airy. We are both avid surfers (Ian) and skateboarders (me) so our art reflects that as well. We have many pieces hung from favorite photographers we know personally, which keeps it more personal.

I’m stoked with how it all turned out,  and Ian loves the fact that I came in under budget, and completed the entire revamp in less than seven days.  It’s the small things with him – ha!

Shopping List:

Small Couch:     H.D Buttercup

Coffee Table:   Cost Plus World Market

Wool Rug:  West Elm

Photos on Walls:  Hugh Holland, Art Brewer, Jeff Berting, Ian Logan, Jock Sturges & Leroy Grannis

The 405 Freeway Glass on Table:  Sisters of Los Angeles

Golden State Bottle Opener on Bar: Sisters of Los Angeles

Banana Vase, “Drug” Coasters,  and Hate Vase:   Jonathan Adler

Gold Hedgehog with party hat:  Oh Joy!  for Target

Pillows:  West Elm, Cb2, Anthropologie, Home Goods, Artisan Connect, One Kings Lane

Throw on Couch:  Toms for Target collab (not available any longer)

Pink Skateboard:    Dusters x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word Available at Eastern Skateboard Supply

Gold Skull:  Z-Gallerie

White & Gold Pineapple:  West Elm

Dogs:   Not for Sale at present time







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GrindTV Feature On International Women’s Day




Huge thanks to Grind TV for featuring my work with Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word on their site this past week for International Women’s Day – that was a huge surprise and so very nice to be featured alongside of Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn, Pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons and Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter.

You can read the entire article on the GrindTV site HERE




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#Sheplayswewin article in espnW



I loved getting a chance to write another article for the  espnW website. This time I covered Christin Rose’s new photo project She Plays, We Win, that showcases girls ages 7-15 doing the sports they love. You can see all the girls photos and their inspiring quotes over at espnW. These girls skateboard, surf, do rodeo and even drive race cars. Pretty cool subject for me to get to cover!


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