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Women’s Skateboarding

PicMonkey Collage

Photo: Ian Logan Photography

Even when I’m not on a shoot doing styling, I’m am usually at an event that has to do with either sports or fashion  in some  way shape or form. Last weekend it was the Exposure Skate event which drew girls in from all over the world to compete for $20,00 in prize money. My action sports/lifestyle brand, Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word was there as a sponsor and I was on hand all day to see just how far women’s skateboarding has progressed form back when I was a pro skater. Glad to say it has grown leaps and bounds – over 50 girls of all ages competed on Saturday and a free skate clinic that was held in the morning for beginning skaters, drew over 60 participants. Simply amazing to be part of this inspiring event!




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#FitFluence at YouTube HQ



I was stoked to be invited to #FitFluence last night. It was an awesome event at the YouTube HQ showcasing some of the top fitness personalities on YouTube and Instagram with  a panel where they spoke about social media, and their success using it.  The night also included gifting suites from fitness brands showcasing their newest products. It was great to see some of the newer lines in person like Fabletics, Udaya, Hickies, & Teeki, and to reconnect with others like Le Sportsac, Odina Surf & Onzie that I was already loving & using on shoots.  Amazing food by Locali and drinks by Vita Frute rounded out the evening. Oh, and did I mention I got a mini makeover from Tarte Cosmetics? Yep, I left the event at 9 PM after a long work day, feeling inspired and gorgeous!

Thanks to Kamala Collective & FitInfluence for the invite, and a very cool evening!


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Tone It Up Shoot

photo 2

photo 4

Behind the scenes photos by Cindy

Had a great 8 days working with Karena & Katrina from Tone It Up! Can’t share what we were working on just yet, but it’s going to be amazing. But seriously, what do these girls ever do that’s not 100% rad?

I really love it when I get booked on a project that involves pulling together looks across the board – layered boho lifestyle, going out looks, workout, and swim – it’s fun for me to plan it all out ahead of time an create 50+ different looks for the shoot days.  We had gorgeous weather  as you can see in the behind the scenes photos, LA was having a heat wave in November, so what could be better when shooting workout, swimwear & lifestyle in and around the beach area with 80 degree sunshine?  #spoiled

It was also super nice to work with such a fun, easy going crew on both of  the shoots. It was my first time working with the two photographers on the project, Nicole Hill and John Segesta – and I really loved each of their diverse styles and their calm, but fast way of shooting. I know the finished project is going to look awesome!


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Fitness Editorial Shoot



Got to style  a pretty cool fitness editorial shoot with photographer Jeff Berting this week. It consisted of 2 male and 2 female trainers and we did some really cool images inside a cross fit gym. I think it’s going to look pretty rad when it comes out!  Stay tuned for the final images when they are published!


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Drew Brees & Family / Wrangler


Had a great shoot in San Diego styling Drew Brees and his awesome family for a series of Wrangler ads and commercials. Drew’s wife, Brittany was pregnant at the time with their 4th child so my wardrobe pull was everything from various sizes of kids clothing for their young sons, to finding stylish pregnancy wear for Brittany,  to Drew’s workout clothing, casual wear and football gear.  This is one of those times when it was great to have had time for a fitting the week before the shoot so everything flowed perfectly the day of! Lots of wardrobe options and looks to put together as well as entertaining the kids in between shots, a really fun day with the Brees’ & Wrangler family.


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