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Southern California has been so warm these past two weeks that it feels like summer. It’s been great for my clients who come in from the East Coast – they couldn’t be happier to get out of the rain, snow, and freezing temps. The sunny, warm weather here at the beach has put me in a Summer state of mind. I’m loving anything white right now, and I’m also feeling a bit of wanderlust happening again so this new book “Gypset Travel” is my perfect weekend reading material!



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Dusters Girls Skateboard Video


I was really excited to to style this girls skate video for Dusters California x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word, my collab skateboard that gives a portion of its proceeds to Poseiden Organization a 501c3 non profit that helps and encourages girls all over the world to get involved in action sports.

It was really a blast to make the bedroom look like it was a teenagers room, complete with female rock & roll posters, a messy floor strewn with clothes, shoes, skateboards, and a turntable  playing Joan Jett on it. The girls were dressed in denim shorts, 70′s style tube socks, worn in Vans sneakers  and we kept their hair long and flowing in true 70′s style

It was also a perfect opportunity to get in a subliminal message to the action sports industry that female athletes don’t want to be shown as the “girl in the neon bikini” in videos and ads – they want to be shown as the powerful, talented girls that they are.


Director: Nano Nobrega
Video: Socrates Leal
Production: Ryan Ashburn
Production Assistant: Brida Brando
Stylist: Cindy Whitehead
Hair & Make-up: Donna Gast
Skaters: Beverly Flood & Cassie Oseguera



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Lifestyle Looks for Kaiser Permanente


Client: Kaiser Permanente / Photos: Siri Berting / Stylist: Cindy Whitehead

It was an awesome way to end 2014, a jam packed lifestyle shoot with photographer Siri Berting for the 2015 re-branding of Medicare, for Kaiser Permanente.  The shoot showed baby boomers enjoying all aspects of their lives so I got to pull a wide range of looks – everything from art gallery scenario’s  to basketball, and everything in between. About 8 racks of clothes in total.  Really a lot of fun and a challenge to pull so many head to toe spring looks together during Christmas rush at the shopping malls. But not nearly as much of a challenge as it was for Siri and her team to make it look like Spring/Summer during one of the rainiest days of the year, but the final images turned out great thanks to an amazing team of people!


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Made Of Greatness – Sergio Garcia


So lucky to have worked with Sergio Garcia for the past 12 years. The very first time we worked together Adidas/ TaylorMade Golf flew me & make-up artist Renee Parenteau to Spain when Sergio was only 18 years old and newly signed. It’s been 12 + awesome years that both Renee & I have been working with Adidas/TaylorMade & Sergio – he is hands down one of my favorite athletes to spend the day, or week, working with.

This “Made of Greatness Campaign” was something I had the opportunity to work on in Georgia a few months back and I think it came out beautifully.


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Sweetie Pies & The Whistle Stop Cafe



We headed out to Decatur, Texas a few weeks ago to work on a commercial for Wrangler. I really love this small Texas town. The people are friendly, my assistants Amanda, Ashley, and I, enjoyed some amazing meals at places like The Whistle Stop Cafe & Sweetie Pies, we checked out the petrified wood gas station, and spent our days on a ranch shooting bull riders & cowboys. What could be better?

Looking forward to sharing the final commercial with everyone when it comes out!


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