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When Sport Meets Fashion


images via Kill Spencer


Kill Spencer has always been a favorite of mine for their cool bags, but this special project they did involving sports gear makes me love them even more. I’m always researching and sourcing out new items that cross the line from fashion to sport and back again, and this one is perfect!


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Escape At Home.




Finally had a bit of time off between traveling for shoots to spend some time here at home, so I started working on a little revamp of our beach house. When I’m not traveling for work I love being home. We live three blocks from the beach and have great natural light in our house and deck from morning until sunset so I like to stay home and really enjoy where we live.

First up was the mini revamp of our bedroom…

We already had the vintage wrought iron bed & the bedside table so I swapped out our usual neutral color jute rug for this Tuscan Moroccan shag rug which helped create a bit softer look with some nice texture to set the tone.

Unexpected and cost effective finds at Target helped keep me on budget. My favs from Target are the indigo blue tie-dye stool at foot of bed and the wicker basket rimmed in white that I use to put my stash of magazines in.  I decided to splurge on some new white  Matteo sheets in a yummy vintage linen fabric to brighten up the small space. The boho chic duvet cover by Matteo was a major splurge and something I wasn’t planning on purchasing but it became a no brainer, as it has a beachy/1970′s vibe that I love.

I wanted to create a relaxing space in our 60′s beach house that felt like summer year round,  and I finally feel like I got that accomplished with minimal effort & time and I couldn’t  be happier!

P.S. Everyone has been asking so I want to share where that amazing ESCAPE travel bag is from. It’s by  Forest Bound, I can’t recommend their bags highly enough – super cool, vintage materials  and they hold up to abuse, and if you know how much I travel you know things don’t  usually last long with me, (due to wear)  so that’s saying a lot!


List of products:

Wrought Iron Bed – Vintage full size bed & we went to a welding shop & had inches added so it  would fit a queen size mattress

Slight distressed wood table – vintage

White Sheets and white Duvet Cover – Matteo Home

Front pillow w/linen sham – Ikea

Orange linen duvet at end of bed – Crate & Barrel

Tuscan Moroccan Shag Rug – Rugs USA

Tie-dye footstool – Target

White lamp shade – Target

“Escape” travel bag – Forest Bound

Jean vest – Rag & Bone

Hat – Free People

Orange Candle – D.L. & Co


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Old Navy – Built For Summer


The latest Old Navy Active commercial I styled, full of summer sports and some awesome athletes of all ages.




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Join Me On Business Rockstars This Morning!



Stoked to be a guest on the popular show about entrepreneurs, Business Rockstars this morning (6/4)!  I’m sitting down with host Ken Rutkowski to discuss what the most important things are when launching your brand, safeguarding your  intellectual property, as well as the lessons I have leaned & mistakes I have made in starting both of my business’s.  It should be an interesting half hour! My segment of the show is on this morning from 10:15 AM – 10:45 AM PST.

You can tune in on over 170 radio markets across the country including iheart, Digitally, TuneIn, Slacker, Super Station WGN Chicago, iTunes,  & more. The show is also streamed live (with video) on BusinessRockstars.com as well as YouTube.




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The Bates Motel


Photos: Ian Logan

I have been mesmerized by this art instillation that Vincent Lamouroux did here in Los Angeles. He took the old Sunset Motel (also known as The Bates Motel), used an Eco-friendly whitewash to coat the entire structure, billboards, signs, and palm trees around it, taking a seedy, run down hotel and making it into something beautiful. The Eco-friendly paint will fade away naturally and eventually the motel will be razed to make way for new development, but until then we get to enjoy it’s beauty and simplicity.

It just seemed like a perfect spot for some skate shots – especially since it was a great excuse to skate down Sunset Blvd at 6 AM without much traffic. Yeah, that kind of made my day.




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