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Surfs Up



I love seeing things that are a bit unexpected.  Like this guy carrying his surfboard across a busy downtown LA intersection . Had to sneak a shot with my iphone – it was too awesome not to.


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Inspiration at Agenda Summer 2014


Photos: Ian Logan Photography

Once again the Agenda Trade Show didn’t disappoint. The WMNS section rocked – it’s basically a show within a show – nice seeing a curated section of all the women’s apparel in one place, it really makes it easy to focus and take it all in. I was able to meet some great new apparel companies and reconnect with some I already work with – and I’m excited to be bring some of the new pieces I saw in on upcoming editorial and ad shoots in the near future. Rusty, Tavik, The Seea, Rad Nails, Puravida, Element Eden, Billabong WomensKovey, Spell & The Gypsy, Style Stalker, Tallow, & Wildfox, were all inspiring! Wonderful to see that one of my favorite snowboarders and Paralympic Bronze medalist,  Amy Purdy is doing a line with Element Eden this coming season.

Loved seeing THE BABE SHOW curated by Human NYC and presented by RVCA, great photos from female artists displayed in an awesome setting. Their limited edition zine was rad, and meeting Rachael & Jill was inspiring. More very soon here on INAP about these two  women who are working tirelessly to promote women artists in a new and exciting way. The quote “The Worst nightmare of a woman should not be other women” by featured artist and RVCA advocate Andrea DoSouto sums up this show and the positive message of the women behind it – they are so inclusive and empowering I left feeling motivated and lucky to have met them!

I got to reconnect with my friends at Olloclip, which always inspire me to take more behind the scenes shots on shoots, so stay tuned for more of my iphone photos, both here and on instagram, being shot with their new 4 -and-1 lens. Can’t wait to play with is this week.

Awesome to see what the skater boys I grew up with are doing – Christian Hosoi & Eddie Elguera had some great new boards that are coming out with some of the artwork done by Christian’s dad, Ivan Hosoi.  The Berrics area was crazy busy as usual with the major skate brand booths taking orders right & left. Dwindle, Powell Peralta, Z-Flex, Dogtown Skates, and more, were showing that skateboarding is still going strong and lots of new designs are on the way.

The gifts we were given by Agenda that were created by Cliche Skateboards, Hershel Supply, & Petals & Peacocks were nice surprise. How much better does it get than a cool tote bag, a new skateboard deck, and a tee that says “I survived the Agenda Tradeshow”?

This show just gets better and better each time it’s here!


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Passion is Forever


Photo: Craig Cameron Olsen / Stylist Cindy Whitehead

Brasil may have lost this week, but Hyundai’s #BeacuseFutbol campaign’s fast response was to remind people that the pain is temporary, passion is forever.  Brilliant set of ads that I got to style with photographer Craig Cameron Olsen. Nice to see them launching more & more of the images as we move through the days of the World Cup.

You can see more of the Hyundai  #BecauseFutbol ads HERE


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Net-a-Sporter Is Here!



Best news ever – my absolute favorite online retailer,  Net-a-Porter launched Net-a-Sporter today. Everything sports related that’s also fashionable, all on one site. Edited to perfection this is one site I will be living on daily. Check it out HERE


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Happy 4th of July!


Photo: Ian Logan

Happy 4th of July!  I plan on doing not much more than skateboarding, hanging out at the beach, BBQ’s with friends,  and having a great 3 days off!  What are your plans for the long holiday weekend?

Fashion credits: Tee: Gilda Midani  / Jeans: J. Brand  / Sneakers:  Converse  / Sunglasses: Gucci  / Skateboard:  Dusters x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word Collab


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