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Walking Through The South – A Personal Project.

IMG_0787 copy

 Photographer Ian Logan

Over the holidays I used my time off to continue to work on a personal project I have been doing for the past year with photographer Ian Logan.  A series of images we are calling “Walking Through the South”. This time we concentrated on Alabama and found some really great locations during this adventure.

All images were shot with an iphone 5s as it was easy to carry, & we could upload to instagram from just about anywhere we were throughout the day and we didn’t have to stop to do it. I posted multiple images daily via my instagram account (@sportsstylist) so people could get a sense of where I was, and what I was seeing /experiencing. Using the hashtag #walkingthroughthesouth we noticed that during this time we gained quite a few social media followers daily – perhaps due to the fact that we were posting images throughout the day that were appealing to a diverse cross section of people – creatives, travel, adventure, and fashion.

I think the best thing about this project was meeting people along the way and when they heard what we were doing, being invited into places the average person would not have been. Like stumbling upon a warehouse in Mobile, Alabama early one Saturday morning and seeing what I thought was a ship inside of it. It turned out to be Mardi Gras floats – which are kept secret until a week before the parade. After chatting the guys up and discussing the project, we were invited inside and allowed to photograph the floats with me walking by and I got to climb up in them and see what it’s really like from above.

I have been asked what the biggest challenge was working on this – the rain we had almost every day made it difficult at times for both Ian and I to get the shots we envisioned, but in the end the dramatic sky sometimes added an even better effect than what we had imagined. Having to bundle up from the cold daily while trying to look fashionable for photos was different for a southern California girl like me. But the biggest challenge for me was packing all the looks to fit into one suitcase – as a stylist I spent days editing my wardrobe before we left and still wished I could have brought more! xx


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Climber Tommy Caldwell Makes History!

PBclimbing copy 2

Photos Tim Tadder / Stylist: Cindy Whitehead

I had the pleasure of styling climber Tommy Caldwell in these Powerbar ads a few years back. Today Tommy and his climbing partner, Kevin Jorgeson are the first climbers in history to free climb (using only their hands – no ropes used to assist in the climb – only in case of a fall) El Capitan’s Dawn Wall in Yosemite. The Dawn wall is considered to be the most challenging climb anywhere. Congrats Tommy & Kevin!  Stoked that I get to work with inspiring athletes like this!




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The TaylorMade RSi Irons Video.


Some recent work I did with TaylorMade Golf out in Georgia for their new RSi Irons. Always nice working with the TM team and their pro golfers, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Camilo Villegas, Sebastian Cappelen, Boo Weekley,and Jason Day. After 14 years on TM shoots it never gets old – I really enjoy seeing these athletes every single year and watching where their careers have taken them. It’s also nice having that long term realtionship with the athletes I style, as I get to know any preferences they have so the shoot runs smoothly. The first time I ever worked with Sergio was back when he was just 18 years old and TaylorMade flew our crew to Spain to shoot him on a course near his home. Now I am watching him play in the Ryder Cup. Wow, how time flies!


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BTS Girls Skate Video Shoot.


Bedroom BEFORE


Bedroom AFTER



photo 2

Photos Ian Logan & Cindy

Here’s a few behind the scenes photos from the Dusters California x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word skateboard video shoot I was working on this past weekend. I had a blast styling this bedroom at the house to create a teenage girls room, complete with references to some rad 70′s female rock & roll icons. Keeping with that 70′s theme, the girls wore old school Vans, striped tube socks, and denim cut off shorts to skate in.

I love being involved in all the visual aspects of a shoot, and because of my background in skateboarding, this shoot was one that allowed me to do everything from finding the location (a 70′s style backyard with an empty pool)  to styling room sets and wardrobe, bringing in a tech adviser to help the girls pick lines to skate that worked well on video, to casting the talent. Beverly & Cassie are both awesome skaters who pulled off some amazing moves in completely new terrain – neither had skated this location until the day of the shoot, so I am super excited to see the video when it comes out!



Director: Nano Nobrega

Videoographer: Socrates Leal

Still photographers: Ryan Ashburn and Ian Logan

Hair & Make-up: Donna Gast

Production Coordination: Brida Brando

Styling: Cindy Whitehead

Tech Adviser: Jim Gray

Location: Ben & Kenzie

Skaters: Beverly Flood and Casssie Olguera


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B4BC Photo Shoot



Lifestyle shots by Robert Staley / Styling Cindy Whitehead

I don’t have a lot of free time in between most of my clients shoots, but I love a worthy cause, so I was stoked to be able to clear my schedule & donate my time to do the wardrobe styling for  a shoot with Boarding 4 Breast Cancer, featuring Olympic snowboarder Elena Hight. The first part of the shoot is now part of  the “Quick and Clean Salads & Smoothies for the Active Girl on the Go”  book by B4BC and Kris Kelly from Goofy Foot Foods that is sold on line and raises money for B4BC.

B4BC is an organization I believe in 100% so check out the link HERE, & donate $5 to get this rad cookbook!  The recipes are healthy, easy to make, as well as fun, and I love that Elena shares her favorite healthy ideas throughout. Enjoy!



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