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photo of Laura Thornhill Caswell holding a vintage photo of her famous magazine shot

Current photo Cindy Whitehead / Vintage shot: Warren Bolster

Tonight is our prom, it’s our high school reunion, it’s our adult version of spring break,  it’s all of those things. It’s the ultimate party for the kids who didn’t really show up at school because we were too busy skateboarding and seeing the world. It’s for the kids who were “different” back in the 60’s and 70’s but were 100% OK with that. It’s for the kids who are now rock stars and legends, artists and skaters, moms and dads, husbands and wives, and always good friends.

We are all grown up now, but these are our families still. We’d do anything for these people – there is a bond that can not be broken. It’s like siblings who may fight but are together through thick and then. We take care of our own. We love, cherish, and respect our history and those in it. We are family.

Tonight we come together to honor those we are inducting into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

One of those inductee’s  is a girl from the 70’s who was a fashion icon, a girl who skated like the wind and had the grace and style to make you stop and look, and look again. She spun 360 after 360 while the boys watched in awe, she rode before it was the “popular” thing to do, she practiced freestyle routines in the hot summer sun, she traveled with the  boys from contest to contest up and down the coast of Southern California instead of going to prom, shopping at the mall or any other of those  other “popular” girl activities. If you are a girl and skate now,  she is one of the women who paved the way for you.  She is a girl I am very proud to call my good friend.

Congratulations Laura Thornhill Caswell for your 2013 induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame!   You ROCK baby!!  xx


Full list of 2013 inductees:    Woody Woodward (1960s), Tom Sims (1970s, Era One), Alan “Ollie” Gelfand (1970s, Era Two), Rodney Mullen (1980s, Era One), Christian Hosoi (1980s, Era Two), and two women – Wendy Bearer Bull (1960s) and Laura Thornhill Caswell (1970s). This year’s Icon Award recipients are pioneering skateboard photographer Warren Bolster, who revived Skateboarder Magazine in the 1970s; NHS and the crew who built it into what it is today – Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, Bob Denike, Tim Piumarta and Jeff Kendall – and Devo, a band with the non-conformist attitude that has been inspiring skateboarders since the 1970s.



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  1. HI, i and my family love this shot!! I would like to buy for my daughter this one, can I?