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Sexy Time DIY

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Here’s a DIY that is for once easier than you’d think. I think it’s technically called “Gold Glitter Candle”. But I am changing the name to “Sexy Time” as I think that will help my blog show up in Google faster. No drinking involved this time so you can save some money there. But as always there are pitfalls. So read on…

Head on over to Michael’s and get yourself a small mason jar, a brush (a cheap one will do), some gold or silver glitter, a flameless candle (I’ll warn you about this item, I had to get FIVE before one worked!) and this bizarre shit called – Mod Podge. This is where you will be looking up and down the aisles for some “crafty” person’s help, because Mod Podge comes in like 10 flavors types. I kid you not. I don’t care what these crazy crafty ladies tell you, just get any old one in a small size. Because really, how many DIY’s are you going to do in this life time?? Exactly.

Slap some Mod Podge all around the inside of the mason jar. Then take your glitter and dump some in. Read carefully - this is the important part!! Put lid on jar and shake (if you don’t put lid on jar tightly you will have that damn ass glitter in places you never thought possible (just think about that for a minute.). Take lid off (duh) and empty out excess glitter, then go have a nap & let the thing dry. The beauty of this Mod Podge stuff is that it dries clear (but seriously, who the hell thought up that name??) Once dry, stick a flameless candle inside and there ya go – instant sexy mood lighting.

** Please do not use your new sexy mood lighting to make cell phone sex videos or anything else you don’t want to the world to see, because we all know how well that turns out…



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  1. You are so funny! I wanna try this. : )

  2. This sounds like an easier DIY, but I can still see myself having trouble with it. I can’t even imagine where I’ll end up getting glitter on me! Looks like you did a great with it.