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On Location Style

While I was in Indiana last week on that 7 day shoot, I was lucky to work with one of my best friends in the industry – hair & make-up artist Renee Parenteau. I had to post this as she showed up straight from her long flight looking super hot in a new pair of H&M red jeans,  a cute layered sweater, sparkly flats,  and that rad over sized Mini Cooper (yes, like the car) bag . The girl has serious style!  I on the other hand was running around prepping 24 racks of clothes while wearing slouchy boyfriend jeans, flip flops and a simple white tee. Yeah, she had me beat in spades. So jealous. xo


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  1. You’re rad, Cindy!! And although you had been already working days prepping for the shoot you were still a style icon yourself!!! It was so great working with you and hanging out that week!!!!

  2. she does look so adorable and put together. But I have trouble believing you weren’t kicking ass in those jeans and flip flops! 🙂 I look like a contestant on Survivor here in Texas. I’m all about avoiding all the bugs, snakes and staying as cool as possible. I like clothes that are paper thin. Patagonia and Columbia have been my friends. I try to add some accessories so I don’t look too much like Jeff Probst!