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F**CK Carmageddon

Photos Ian Logan

OK. I had to do it. Skateboarding down the closed 405 FWY. Yes it was fun, yes it was scary (helicopters were flying overhead, & police had the place on lock down) yes it took us hours to find a spot and do it quickly. And I was very safe – look at the first photo – I totally look to my left so I can merge with traffic!

And YES, I am insane. Deal with it.      P.S. Do you love my new pink Vans?  Thought so.



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  1. Definitely my favourite collection of photo’s I’ve ever seen on a blog, ever! And yes: those pink Vans are amazing.

  2. that is some dope-ish right there! I don’t recall last time I did something like this…Amazing Photos xo (luv the last pic epic!)

  3. this so made my day!! you are officially the coolest person I know. xo

  4. Michael Hess says:

    Cindy, Your Sims Team For Life… Live It,Love It…

  5. Love it! Always a badass and inspirational! And Don’t worry I won’t tell the Fuzz!

  6. You rock! Love it!!

  7. I wish I had been there. So awesome. I am in awwwwwwwwwww!! You are livin large. :)

  8. So great! Live it California style!

  9. I love how you’re peeking through the guardrails & climbing fences… so awesome!

  10. Annette tang says:

    You are the raddest person EVER!!!!! I’m so stoked that you did this…totally legendary!!!!


  11. Hey Cindy, I heard your interview with CBC Radio last night, (all the way in Calgary, AB)!! Dang, you are rad, an inspiration and one of the baddest chicks I know!

    So happy you’ve appeared on my blog:)


  12. Thanks you guys! (-: