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Killing It With Color

photos by ian logan

Yep that’s me rocking pink, orange and purple hair for the holiday. And before my hairdresser friends read this and bitch slap me, its NOT permanent! I finally hunted down those Kevin Murphy Color Bugs that I have been dying to try. They are like little chalk balls, so first you smear  some pomade stuff on your hair which will make the chalk stick, then swipe the chalk ball wherever you want it, then finish it off with a little hair spray to set it. I will warn you, it’s insanely messy, so put towels down on the floor, and wear an old t-shirt when applying otherwise you are in for some massive clean up. It also seems to transfer onto clothing even after this process so don’t wear anything you need to dry clean or love or that’s labeled Isabel Marant. You get the picture.


whats what: brandy melville tee & gold/purple skull bracelet, tom binns silver anarchy bracelet, cc skye gold spike bracelet, wildfox ring, erica weiner necklace (yes its teeth!) h&m sunglasses, essie clambake nail polish


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  1. That looks amazing! I just got mine highlighted finally… do you promise it washes right out? I would be in BIG trouble if it stayed and had to grow out. xo

  2. Patti McGee says:

    OK.. as long s it temp.
    You have such pretty blond hair.

  3. so love this, you look great!

  4. cool shots.. your hair looks insanely cool!
    I’ve dyed it in many colors before, but I’m not blonde so I don’t get that awesome pastel-esque shade you’ve got going on, which is what I’d like on my head as well… killer look!
    stay cool!